Technology Enterprise and Mission Pathfinder Office (TEMPO)


The Technology Enterprise and Mission Pathfinder Office (TEMPO) was created in October 2016 to organize, incubate, and infuse mission-enabling communications and navigation technologies and projects.

The office manages the innovation pipeline for Goddard’s space communications and navigation capabilities. TEMPO is an incubator for technologies and projects within the Exploration and Space Communications (ESC) projects division, nurturing some of NASA’s most ambitious science and technology missions.

The TEMPO team undertakes a wide variety of breakthrough efforts in communications and navigation technologies and capabilities. Their portfolio includes incubated projects, pathfinder missions, technology development, and pre-formulation studies. TEMPO leads mission-enabling concept studies, identifies cross-cutting capability gaps, initiates and oversees technology infusion, performs experiments and evaluations, and applies entrepreneurial methods to deliver results.

TEMPO ensures that ESC remains at the forefront of space communications and navigation technologies for the next generation of science and exploration.

Quick Facts

TEMPO leads the optical communications roadmap for Goddard Space Flight Center, encouraging missions to implement optical into architectures.
The TEMPO team conducts mission feasibility studies to see the possibilities and limitations of potential future missions.
The TEMPO team has grown significantly since its establishment in 2016, and now has numerous mission managers working a variety of technology tasks.
TEMPO created the concept behind NASA’s LunaNet, an internet concept for the Moon.