Spectrum Management Office

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Per NASA policy and procedural requirements, any NASA satellite or communications system that requires the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for transmission, reception or both shall follow U.S. and international spectrum regulations. This includes missions directly developed and operated by NASA and those supported through contracts or other financial agreements.

The Goddard Spectrum Management office provides support to projects at each review in the project lifecycle and assists with design and spectrum considerations, such as frequency selection, conformance to regulatory constraints and other electromagnetic spectrum parameters. The Goddard Spectrum Management office is also responsible for obtaining the required equipment certification and frequency authorization for all Goddard and NASA missions using S-band.

Due to a lead time of three or more years, every project must contact the Spectrum Management office early in the project life cycle to discuss their communication and instrument spectrum requirements in order to avoid cost and schedule delays.

For more information, contact:

GSFC Spectrum Office

GSFC Spectrum Manager
Lisa Cacciatore
Email: Lisa.E.Cacciatore@nasa.gov
Phone: 301-286-7461