Near Space Network (NSN)


NASA’s Near Space Network fulfills the essential needs of user missions, empowering them with mission-critical communications and navigation services and enabling the transmission of science and exploration data to and from space. As a single point of service for missions in the near-space region — out to two million kilometers away — the network connects users with either government or commercial service providers.

As a single, end-to-end network, the Near Space Network orchestrates communications services, space links, and data transports for users. Additionally, the network serves missions throughout their entire lifecycle, providing requirements analysis, spectrum management, communications analysis, service agreements, mission design, mission planning, launch, operations, and post-mission support activities. As a result, the network ensures its users have robust and reliable services that fully support their mission objectives.

With the Near Space Network, missions no longer need to independently research service providers. The Near Space Network leverages the broad spectrum of capabilities available through government and commercial service providers and negotiates with providers on behalf of all missions to lower costs. Users can confidently rely on the expertise of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, which has a legacy of excellence in managing NASA communications services.