Commercialization, Innovation, and Synergies Office (CIS)


The Commercialization, Innovation, and Synergies (CIS) office identifies opportunities, nurtures diverse relationships, and implements collaborative solutions to enhance capabilities and technologies in support of exploration and space communications. CIS will foster synergistic relationships and accelerate infusion opportunities by leveraging private industry, other government agencies, and international partners.

CIS’ commercialization effort is a strategic focus within the Exploration and Space Communications (ESC) projects division. The office is dedicated to increasing the industry base for the new Near Space Network, which provides communication and navigation services to missions through both government and commercial assets. Building on an established blueprint of employing commercial providers, NASA is incentivizing the growth of the free market by encouraging a robust marketplace.

CIS infuses innovative technologies that will enable scientific discovery and space exploration. The office leverages Goddard’s rich history in robotic missions and human exploration support, as well as science and technology expertise to help meet agency goals. CIS has a small team dedicated to supporting current and future exploration efforts for the agency.


Neal Barthelme is the Office Chief for CIS, leading a team of experts devoted to engaging industry, academia, other government agencies, and mission teams to advance space communications and navigation capabilities.


Dr. Ruma Das is the Deputy Office Chief for CIS and has more than 20 years of experience in information technology, cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, and program management, in both public and private sectors. For CIS, she leads the engagement teams, while also managing the office’s capabilities studies.