Interns at Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops, VA.
Interns at Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops, VA. Credit: NASA
The Exploration and Space Communications (ESC) projects division executes the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Internship Project (SIP) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. SIP prepares young professionals with the skills, experience, and connections they need to thrive in the workplace. Each intern is paired with a mentor, an expert in their field, who can guide interns to success. Interns work with their mentors to complete a project of measurable importance to further NASA’s mission.

Interested in working on space communications or navigation projects?

Apply for the SCaN Internship Project (SIP) by search keywords like SCaN. SIP hosts year-around intern opportunities, allowing students to work on semester or year-long projects.

To learn about other NASA internship opportunities, check out NASA’s STEM Engagement page.

The Intern Impact

SIP interns contribute to ESC in a variety of roles across many diverse disciplines from cybersecurity to public outreach. Intern projects further ESC’s mission, pursuing bold new lines of inquiry and lending fresh eyes to the communications challenges of today. Past interns have enhanced network capabilities, patented unique communications technologies, and improved the efficiency of agency operations.

Many SIP interns go on to work for NASA, furthering the pipeline of new talent to the agency by becoming mentors themselves.

Interns aattend professional development event during a virtual SIP summer.
Interns attend professional development event during a virtual SIP summer. Credit: NASA

See examples of previous interns’ projects in our Intern Journals, linked below:

Professional Development

SCaN and ESC provide interns with unique opportunities to grow their skills and interact with aerospace professionals. Interns are encouraged to incorporate creativity and curiosity into their processes, enhancing learning and development. They are challenged with new ideas and perspectives. In addition, they have numerous opportunities to network with current and future leaders, building the connections that will define their careers.

Interns leave the program with a better understanding of the unique contributions they can make to NASA and the world at large.

To hear more from previous interns, check out the videos below from past Goddard SIP sessions:
Interns attending a professional development workshop.
Interns attending a professional development.