Tampa, FL





081 13.1W


25 07.0N

Amount Saved


On 06 March 2019 at 0214 UTC a PLB was detected at 25 07.0N 081 13.1W, 4 NM southwest of Cape Sable, FL. It was activated when the 21-foot sailing vessel MOONSHADOW, with 1 person on board, became beset with weather. Prior to Coast Guard District 7 (CGD07) receiving the alert, Sector Key West (SECKWT) received a relayed report of a SPOT device activation from the MOONSHADOW. SECKWT conducted callouts and heard a MAYDAY call from the vessel. CGD07 launched a helicopter from Air Station Miami, which flew to the SARSAT position, hoisted the sailor, and transported him to Miami-Opa Locka Airport, where awaiting medics provided treatment for seasickness. 1 SARSAT RESCUE