Dave Israel Credit: NASA
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Mentor Highlight, Dave Israel

October 4, 2016

The concept of innovation that I identify with is one where you have the ability to take two very different things, put them together, & create a new concept or product that has never been thought of before.  When I originally started working for NASA in 1989, I was taught the philosophy from my mentor, John to explore how things work, reverse engineer, and apply the concept to new problems. 

Our world is currently booming with new technologies.  Inside NASA, we are creating new challenges everyday. The future of innovation brings these two points of view closer together. 

The greatest innovation will occur when the new & the old generations gather together to problem solve, design, create, and innovate! 

Innovation requires working as a team, thinking outside of your normal point of view, and tapping into a repertoire of problem solving skills to envision something new.

In the Exploration and Space Communications Projects Division, we work as a team to open doors to new opportunities and developments. We challenge ourselves to make our own space communications services better and more efficient.

We are currently exploring innovative concepts for our space communications services: How can we make our customers confident that they can tap into our networks with less planning and more flexibility? What will that architecture look like? How can we accomplish our goals?

We know that some of those answers can only be determined by future engineers. We look forward to collaborating with them, developing and testing new concepts and systems so our networks can operation at peak efficiency.

It is important to us to stay in tune with our youth, especially locally, to engage with them in STEM and STEAM learning experiences. We believe that we can inspire each other and one day, innovate together.