Dave McCormick Credit: NASA
Leadership Highlight, Profile 

Leadership Highlight, Dave McCormick

October 4, 2016

The secret to his success: staying on top of ever changing technology, and having a passionate team ready to take off the shelf technology, and make it work for their specific needs. When asked how he created such a strong team, he responded that he is extremely lucky and grateful that he came into the position surrounded by individuals with unending dedication, passion, and knowledge who have worked tirelessly with him to continuously solve problems together. 

Interested in the ocean and oil field work, and a Florida native, Dave was interested in underwater submersibles, and tethered underwater robots. From a lineage of engineers, both his grandfather and father were engineers, Dave also had an influential high school physics teacher that gave him the momentum to pursue engineering as a career. He knew he is the type to want to learn on the job, so getting through his four years as an undergraduate student and into the “field” was a priority.