Tracy Felton Credit: NASA
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Mentor Highlight, Tracy Felton

October 4, 2016

"I have an open door policy.  Everyone is welcome to stop in to my office. I consider myself an open person. I try my best to truly listen to everyone, to hear their stories, and their background, to truly know them. I really care, want to be supportive, and build relationships with my team. I always try to be fair and I will take feedback of my own performance, so that I too can continue to grow.”

Innovation can be as simple as being able to identify a problem and finding a solution that works for the entire team.

Tracy Felton saw that her team needed to be strengthened and in turn started the Employee Awards Program. It celebrates and awards members of the team monthly for specific achievements.

She gets everyone involved by asking for nominations. She also will be extending the program to contractors, knowing the importance of their work as well.

Innovation can be imbedded into your work each day simply by having an open ear. By listening to your team, you will truly hear their needs and be able to efficiently and effectively respond.

Tracy Felton works everyday to be a mentor leader and the entire ESC team thanks her for her dedication.

"Innovative leadership starts with building a strong team. We all have a significant role we play together to make things happen. I believe one of my key roles on the leadership team is to empower my team to grow and do their best. I often see myself as a mentor to my team. My mentoring values are: Empowerment, Role-Modeling, Open Door Policy, Active Listening, and Fairness."