Code 400 Peer Awards Credit: NASA
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ESC Employees Recognized for Awards by Peers

By Ashley Hume

June 15, 2017

In December, a Partnership for Public Service survey showed that NASA is the best place to work in government for the fifth year in a row! One of the contributing factors to this long-standing honor is the peer awards initiative. Every year, each of the eight directorates at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center encourages its employees to nominate their colleagues for annual peer awards, boosting morale and showing employees that their work is appreciated not just by managers but by the people they work with every day. Here is an overview of the awards our team was nominated for:

Boundless Energy Award: for those who take on extra work and go the extra mile to help their peers.

Mission Impossible Award: for those who have a big, seemingly impossible job, but still succeed at keeping everything moving.

Steady Helm Award: for employees who are good team players and keep the team focused in a crisis.

Rookie of the Year Award: for new employees who demonstrate agility by quickly getting up to speed in their new positions.

Unsung Hero Award: for employees who support the directorate in a behind-the-scenes role with a can-do attitude.

Wild Card Award: for employees who best demonstrate the values of the center, including agility, balance, creativity, dedication, integrity, respect and teamwork.

Inclusion Fusion Award: for employees who best demonstrate inclusive practices and initiatives in their support of the directorate.

Many ESC employees were nominated for 2017 Peer Awards. Join us in congratulating them on their great contributions to ESC’s and NASA’s missions!

Catherine Barclay, Nominee: Inclusion Fusion Award
Merri Benjamin, Nominee: Wild Card Award
Michael Bielucki, Nominee: Steady Helm Award
Mark Brumfield, Nominee: Rookie of the Year Award
Patricia A. Butler, Nominee: Mission Impossible Award
Keith Chapman, Nominee: Boundless Energy Award
La Vida Cooper, Nominee: Rookie of the Year Award
Teresa V. Cooper, Nominee: Wild Card Award
Carolyn Crichton, Nominee: Boundless Energy Award
Traci Daelemans, Nominee: Rookie of the Year Award
Debbie Dodson, Nominee: Steady Helm Award
Allegra Domingue, Nominee: Unsung Hero Award
Kadie Esi, Nominee: Unsung Hero and Steady Helm Awards
Kevin Fisher, Nominee: Rookie of the Year Award
Thomas Gitlin, Nominee: Steady Helm and Unsung Hero Awards
Todd E. Googins, Nominee: Wild Card Award
Ashley Hume, Nominee: Rookie of the Year Award
Jane Liu, Nominee: Inclusion Fusion Award
Polly Lynn, Nominee: Unsung Hero Award
Jon McLin, Nominee: Mission Impossible Award
Rae Roe, Nominee: Unsung Hero Award
Harry Shaw, Nominee: Wild Card Award
Eric Siskind, Nominee: Wild Card Award
Melanie Underwood, Nominee: Unsung Hero Award
Anthony B. Walker, Nominee: Rookie of the Year Award
Thomas Williams, Nominee: Boundless Energy and Wild Card Awards
* Lawrence Woods, Nominee: Unsung Hero Award