A collage of space communications educational resources. Credit: NASA
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ESC at Home

Digital Resources for Students, Parents and Space Enthusiasts

By ​Danny Baird

April 3, 2020

There are many ways to get involved with NASA at home, learning about the agency’s history and vital mission online. The Exploration and Space Communications (ESC) projects division has digital resources for people of all ages and interest levels wanting to learn more about space communications and navigation.

For Kids

The Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) program, which provides strategic oversight to ESC from NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, has a web page full of fun activities for children in their Kid Zone. These range from activities about ESC’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) system to a coloring book about ESC’s Search and Rescue (SAR) office. Additionally, SCaN has a suite of interactive games that can be played in a web browser.

For Parents and Educators

ESC engineers and outreach specialists have developed many activities that give students a hands-on understanding of communications concepts. A few Teacher Activity Manuals are available for download from ESC’s website. Parents and teachers can download the manuals for instructions on how to do the activities with their students at home or over video conferencing apps.

For Podcast Enthusiasts

ESC produces “The Invisible Network,” NASA’s award-winning space communications and navigation podcast. Each episode presents communications technologies through a narrative lens, contextualizing NASA’s rich legacy of innovation. You can find the show on www.nasa.gov/invisible, or on many podcasting apps.

On Social Media

You can also find ESC on social media, where we share updates on NASA missions, new discoveries and fun facts about the agency. Our social media accounts are:

Twitter: @NASA_TDRS, @NASAlasercomm