Making the Connection

Experts in their fields, the ESC team believes in sharing their knowledge with the space communications community, the general public and the next generation of NASA explorers. The team supports and participates in technical, educational and public events nationwide. You can find out more about the organization and its work at one of these events or via social media, news stories, video and more.


One of ESC’s top priorities is providing learning opportunities for students in our own community and worldwide. The division believes in the power of a strong education focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math. ESC is uniquely positioned to augment those curricula with real-world examples and has developed a number of resources for educators. Learn more about our Education Outreach

Building a Future Workforce

ESC is committed to providing the next generation of professionals opportunities to make meaningful contributions to their areas of study. The division hosts a large group of interns each year who become an integral part of the team throughout their stay. Whether the student studies engineering, English or economics, ESC can find a place and a project tailored to their skills and expertise. The ESC team values the fresh perspective and creativity students contribute to the overall exploration and space communications mission. Learn more about our Intern Program

Reaching the Community

The ESC team is actively engaged in informing, educating and collaborating with people worldwide. They participate in technical conferences with partners and industry leaders, give tours at Goddard for visitors, and host exhibits, events and activities for the general public. ESC engages communities around the world, interacting with stakeholders from all walks of life and promoting a basic understanding of space communications. Learn more about our Industry Outreach

Outreach Background
Collaborator, student or stakeholder? Connect with us to learn about supporting NASA missions.
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