August 31, 2018
David J. Israel, Christopher J. Roberts, Robert M. Morgenstern, Jay L. Gao, Wallace S. Tai

The Space Mobile Network (SMN) is an architectural framework that will allow for quicker, more efficient and more easily available space communications services, providing user spacecraft with an experience similar to that of terrestrial mobile network users. While previous papers have described SMN concept using examples of users in low-Earth orbit, the framework can also be applied beyond the near-Earth environment.This paper details how SMN concepts such as user-initiated services, which will enable users to request access to high-performance link resources in response to real-time science or operational events, would be applied in and beyond the near-Earth regime. Specifically, the paper explores the application of user-initiated services to direct-to-Earth (DTE), relay, and DTE/relay hybrid scenarios in near-Earth, lunar, martian and other space regimes.