May 28, 2018
Harry C. Shaw, David J. Israel, Christopher J. Roberts, Jacob C. Burke, Jin S. Kang, Jeffery T. King

This paper will discuss the various aspects of implementation of the Space Mobile Network (SMN) architecture framework within the context of operations of various nodes equipped with the User Initiated Services (UIS) protocol. These aspects include development of a Client-Server architecture in which space based Clients can create links with ground based Servers to negotiate passes with ground stations or contacts with the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) fleet. A key feature of this concept is that Users may require a mix of low data rate continuous contacts with one or more of the TDRS fleet and sporadic contacts with ground stations as passes become available. SUDS (SMN User Demonstration Satellite) will have the availability of TDRS contacts, the U.S. Naval Academy's ground station, NASA Near Earth Network ground sites and others. This mode of operations must be integrated within the traditional mode of scheduling contacts and passes. Thus, SUDS fits into a heterogeneous network operations concept of operations.