Our Desired Profile

The Exploration and Space Communications division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, seeks creative problem solvers hungry to learn. Our student interns are motivated and driven to make real contributions to our missions in a fast-paced team environment.

We are more than an engineering and technology community. Diversity strengthens our organization and widens our horizon. Students from a variety of majors and backgrounds can find their home with us. Student interns are sponsored by the Space Communications and Navigation program office at NASA Headquarters in Washington, which provides strategic guidance and oversight to space communications projects and organizations across NASA.

Why work with us?

At ESC, students have the power to make a real difference. From developing solutions to network challenges, to pioneering new communications technologies, to working with our dedicated support staff, ESC offers a variety of positions and learning experiences. We push students to innovate, collaborate and elevate their skills to the next level.

What will you do?

There are a vast diversity of opportunities within ESC, from engineering and technology to scheduling to financial management and public outreach. Each intern has the opportunity to make a difference, whether it’s through innovating technologies or creating process improvements. The division greatly values their contributions to the overall mission.

What will you impact?

All of our interns’ projects directly contribute to the division’s missions: to enhance network capabilities, infuse new technologies into missions and make gains in process efficiency. The interns’ work also contributes to a bigger picture. Much of ESC’s work is overseen by the Space Communications and Navigation program office at NASA Headquarters whose mission is to create and maintain an evolving portfolio of space communications services to support all NASA missions. The interns have the ability to play an integral part in work that affects missions agency-wide. Beyond their work, the interns inspire the rest of the team, enabling them to reach new heights in their efforts to support space exploration.

Summer 2019 Positions

To apply to SCaN Internship Project opportunities, make a profile on intern.nasa.gov.

Applications for the summer 2019 session are now closed. Applications for the fall 2019 session may be found on intern.nasa.gov, though availability is limited.

Check back here for any SCaN Internship Project postings. Student applications for the fall 2019 session close on July 31, 2019.

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