ESC: More than you ever imagined...

The Exploration and Space Communications projects division recognizes that every hour is an opportunity for action. We stand ready to provide cross-cutting technical expertise and creative problem-solving to deliver not only full-coverage communications services but bold, forward-thinking solutions to advance exploration and discovery.


ESC’s agile team of multidisciplinary experts develops cutting-edge advances in technology, network capabilities, exploration and research. We are electrical, software, mechanical and systems engineers. We are financial analysts, schedulers and IT specialists. We are designers, educators, and much more. We are program and project managers leading monumental efforts. We are one innovative team, working efficiently together to deliver data, enable science and push the boundaries of exploration. Read More

Our Reach

ESC’s work touches nations and communities worldwide, whether they host ground stations for our networks, collaborate on our projects or use our services. We are proud of our professional and academic partnerships across the globe. We positively affect our global community by adapting and creating technology to solve tough challenges.


ESC wants to connect with you! From social media, conferences and exhibits to news and educational events, there are opportunities every day to find out more about our communications networks and technological projects and how they contribute to the success of NASA’s most high-profile missions. Click here to see us in action and connect on our social media channels, or see student opportunities here.

Implementing SCaN’s Vision

ESC works with the Space Communications and Navigation program office at NASA Headquarters to effectively implement their vision. SCaN is a division of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate and provides programmatic oversight of NASA’s networks, advanced communication technologies, and other space communications requirements. These capabilities support all NASA missions, providing critical connectivity from spacecraft to ground. At Goddard, ESC provides the leaders, engineers and expertise needed to make SCaN’s missions and services a reality.

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Our Network Innovation Impact

Enabling NASA’s scientific exploration and discovery. Without communications and innovation, there is no mission.