About ESC

About ESC


The Exploration and Space Communications (ESC) projects division is dedicated to providing full-coverage communications and navigation services, as well as cross-cutting technical expertise to move NASA forward into the future. These services are critical to operating NASA’s many spacecraft, including human exploration missions, as well as returning ground-breaking scientific data to Earth where it can be used for the benefit of humanity. ESC’s mission and sustained vision bring you more than you ever imagined.

We employ creative problem-solving to deliver bold, forward-thinking solutions to advance exploration and discovery.

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Our Mission

As a national resource, ESC enables human and robotic endeavors in space by providing innovative and mission-effective communications, navigation and exploration solutions to the largest community of diverse users.

Our Vision

ESC will be collaborative leaders extending the reach of humanity's quest for discovery and passion for knowledge as sought-out experts worldwide and trusted providers of innovative exploration, communications and navigation solutions.

Relationship with SCaN

ESC works with the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) program office at NASA Headquarters to effectively implement their vision. SCaN is a division of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate and provides programmatic oversight of NASA’s networks, advanced communication technologies, and other space communications requirements. These capabilities support missions, providing critical connectivity from spacecraft to ground. At Goddard, ESC provides the leaders, engineers and expertise needed to match missions with SCaN services making mission success a reality.