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Exploration & Space Communications
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Perseverance Rover with sample tubes (Artist’s Concept).
Networks Empower First Leg of Perseverance Rover’s Journey to Mars
The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration fully integrated on the STPSat-6
NASA’s Next Laser Communications Demo Installed, Integrated on Spacecraft
Interns with a telescope at the Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory.
Growing Confidence, Sparking Innovation: Intern Develops Software for Observatory

Keeping Explorers Connected

The Exploration and Space Communications (ESC) projects division recognizes that every moment is an opportunity for action. We stand ready to provide cross-cutting technical expertise and creative problem-solving to deliver not only high rate/full coverage communications services, but bold, forward-thinking solutions to advance exploration and discovery.

Our networks

The Space Network and the Near Earth Network, two vital pieces of space communications infrastructure managed by ESC, bring down 98 percent of the data from NASA spacecraft every day.


ESC engineers play a critical role in enabling NASA to explore more of our universe than ever before, crafting cutting-edge solutions for the next generation of science and discovery.


Exploration and Space Communications projects affect billions of lives around the globe, from creating technology for search and rescue to bringing down data used in weather forecasting and much more.

Expertise in…

Communicating is at the heart of every human endeavor, but it becomes especially important when communicating with humans and spacecraft hundreds to billions of miles off of Earth’s surface.

Our two networks combine to bring down the equivalent of 1,200 Blu-ray discs of data per day. That’s about 98 percent of the data from all NASA missions.

We provide communications support for more than 50 scientific, technology and human spaceflight missions.

We advance emerging technologies such as optical communications, quantum communications, disruption tolerant networking and more.

quote iconEnabling NASA’s scientific exploration and discovery. Without communications and navigation, there is no mission.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about how Exploration and Space Communications can help you? Click on the link below to get in touch, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to supporting you!