Exploration Systems Project


Exploration Systems Project (ESP) is the lead in exploration implementation activities at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

ESP’s overall objective is to identify, communicate, and implement GSFC’s contribution to NASA’s Exploration initiatives by leveraging GSFCs expertise in the development and management of space flight missions to further the nation’s vision for space exploration.

 Some of the current projects ESP is working on include:



  • Cyrogenic Propulsion Storage and Transfer (CPST)
  • Human Spaceflight Architecture Team (HAT)
  • Science Integration
  • Space Launch System (SLS)/Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV)
    • Composites for Exploration
  • Advanced Exploration Systems (AES)
    • Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATs)
    • Near Earth Object (NEO) Goldstone
    • Habitat Module
    • Morpheus



Image of current exploration endeavors (Credit: NASA)