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Flight Terminal

Optical Module HardwareThe Lunar Lasercom Space Terminal, developed by MIT Lincoln Laboratories, comprises three modules: an Optical Module (OM), a Modem Module (MM), and a Controller Electronics (CE) module. The optical module is situated on the exterior of the LADEE spacecraft payload module, while the modem and controller electronics modules are mounted on the interior of the spacecraft. The LLST payload weighs ~30 kg.

The optical module consists of a 10-cm telescope on a two-axis gimbal that will allow LLCD to operate a communications link operation over a variety of spacecraft orientations.

Modem Module Digital BoardThe optical transmitter and receiver are contained in the modem module. Digital electronics in the modem collect and encodes the various data that will be downlinked.

The controller electronics module provides closed-loop control of the optical module. It also provides command and telemetry interfaces for the LLST payload to the LADEE spacecraft and configures and controls the modem.

Controller Electronics